Terrorist attacks are shocking and horrific. Our sympathy goes out to anyone who has been involved. We in the UK have the ability to show respect and solidarity in a variety of ways. Tens of thousands of people have lost their lives in the Middle East (and beyond) from terrorist acts, largely since the invasion of Iraq. There is little dignity – and absolutely no psychotherapy – for most victims outside the western world.

Here are some comments from Patrick Cockburn, of The Independent

“Isis and al-Qaeda are being squeezed in their core territories, and so lashing out with terrorist atrocities”


A fireman in Baghdad May 2017

“As Ramadan begins there is little expectation of violence receding in much of the Muslim world. Last year in Ramadan some 340 civilians were killed in the explosion of a single car in Baghdad.”

A final comment about the east of Syria “There is likewise a race by all parties, and their foreign sponsors, to over-run territory in eastern Syria previously held by Isis.”

The Independent 30 May 2017  Patrick Cockburn was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Kent