YURIKO TAKEMURA is the new Chairman of the Trustees. Yuriko is Japanese, originally from Nagasaki.

She has travelled widely, in countries such as Senegal, Botswana and Poland

Now married, she lives in Kent with her husband and son. She studies Applied Criminology at Christchurch University in Canterbury.

Her main interests include Peace-making, Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution.

She has worked with A Village in Syria since the September 2017 and is a very capable organiser and diplomat.


    Yuriko                Chris               Domenica


MAJOR CHRIS SANDS is the new Deputy Chairman of the Trustees. Chris is one of the chaplains at Canterbury Christ Church.

He and his wife are core members of The Salvation Army in Canterbury, and part of a well-integrated and active network throughout Britain and the world.

Human trafficking it is one of the main interests of Chris, and moreover he is working with business and education to encourage personal and corporate donations.

Due to his rich experience, he already has many ideas for helping A Village in Syria.


DOMENICA PECORARO is from Southern Italy and has worked with a Village in Syria for more than a year. She is employed by the Diocese of Canterbury

and works with refugees, especially Syrian refugees. She also works with East Kent Sanctuary (see last newsletter)

She lives in Canterbury with her husband and two children. Home-making is a skill she shares with Syrian mothers.

Weekly groups based on skills such as sewing help mothers socialise and improve their language skills and socialise with local people, wherever the refugees are living.


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