THE SITUATION IN IDLIB  taken from Aron Lund’s article in IRIN News (a humanitarian website)

“Some 210 people are on the run in Idlib Province, more than half of them are minors” Save the Children describes this wave as “one of the worst displacement crises of Syria’s nearly seven-year war.”  The UN report some 2.65 million people now live in Idlib and its peripheral areas. The others in adjacent areas of Aleppo, Hama and Latakia provinces, with constant fighting since 2011.

As always, there are more sinister interpretations, including those based on a map suggesting a three-way split between Turkey, Turkey-Russia and the Government of Syria (GOS). This is geo-political, not humanitarian. Turkey can and does provide Humanitarian Aid. Russia and GoS do not.

Detailed figures can be obtained from “REACH”

We have printed one page from a vast database of information, and UN-backed research initiative


Lund continues  “IDPs are being displaced into already over-stretched camps, informal settlements, and host communities”  “As a result, humanitarian conditions are deteriorating not only where the mass displacement is occurring but also within host communities.” This agrees with the UNOCHA information sheets issued from Gaziantep in Turkey.


It also agrees with ITN’s News at Ten which featured the untidy flight and sprawling makeshift campsites, hastily set up, including Atmeh



In addition to the camp at Atmeh, some 40,000 people are estimated to be at “Point Zero” up against the Turkish border – still closed