Afrin is one of three Kurdish cantons in Rojava – the others two being Kobani and Jazeera.

Afrin is shown in yellow on the map, a very rugged and fairly isolated area, which until

recently was overseen by the Russian – who have now withdrawn.

The map is from The New York Times – already out-of-date, but useful


There are said to be some 15,000 Yazedis sheltering in Afrin, seen as ‘cousins’ by the Kurds

Yazedi children can be strikingly different. They are also extremely vulnerable.

Islamist forces within both the Turkish and Government of Syria (GoS)

are unlikely to tolerate Yazedis. Most of whom have been displaced.

The total population of Afrin is estimated at 50,000

They are under bombardment. On 23 January it was estimated

that 5,000 had been displaced.

Leaving Afrin is a near-impossibility. They are surrounded by

Turkish troops to the north and GoS to the south.

There is a similarity to the Amenian village in Turkey, only a few miles away. Both are hilly

with olives and orchards