Open Society Foundations, Greece

We give daily updates on News, Views and Events on our facebook page. Sometimes there is some crossover. The recent newsletter from The Open Society Foundations is one example. Soros is working extensively on Migration and Refugees. Here we can share the link to the latest Newsletter, on Greece.


If you find it shocking, please bear in mind that – relative to some of the other reports and academic papers – it is moderate. The tone is incensed, the content moderate.

Europe’s refugee crisis has mobilised a global show of support—founded, in large part, on the tireless efforts of dedicated individuals. A short film captures the story of one of these people: Vasilis Tsartsanis, who has impacted hundreds of lives with his support for refugees transiting through his hometown in Greece. Across the world, people like Tsartsanis are contributing to this movement, from academics helping displaced Syrians continue their higher education, to journalists working for accuracy in reporting on refugees. Their compassion and advocacy are key to ensuring refugees get the support they so urgently need.