Funding Decision – Trustees Meeting 13.06.18

On 13 June the Trustees of A Village in Syria held a routine meeting. After looking at various options, including temporary learning spaces / pop-up schools and recreational activities

it was agreed that A Village in Syria would continue to fund Firefly International. The reasons for this decision included:

  • The track-record of Firefly in Antakya, Turkey plus the fact we fact we had been able to visit their main project, twice in 2017
  • Their gradual expansion into satellite operations, in Turkey
  • Their development of curriculum development and teaching materials, now in use in both Turkey and Syria
  • Their modest operational costs
  • Their legal compliance with UK charity law. It is difficult for us to fund operations which are only registered in Turkey (or Syria)

If you would like any further details relating to our funding policy, or would like to ask us for help with funding your project, please contact

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