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How can you help?


Donating helps to fund projects as well as provide the village with essentials such as food, clean water and clothing. 


You can help out at events in a number of ways from giving out leaflets to being a photographer.


There are many ways to help us fund raise such as cake sales, boot fairs, sponsored runs and more! 



Help us raise awareness to our local communities about the Syrian Crisis and how they can help. 

Support us on Social Media

Like our Facebook page for updates: We also have Twitter.


Anyone who can help us with admin or have any ideas  / expertise for our events is welcome!

What We Offer

Experience working within a team


Communication Skills (verbal) by discussing, sharing and negotiating with others


Communication Skills (written) by posting to social media, creating reports and making proposals


Opportunities for public speaking


Creativity: Turning ideas into reality,innovation and problem-solving


Interpersonal skills: Getting on with people regardless of background


IT skills: Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point

Leadership: Taking control of a situation, solving conflicts and motivating others


Organisation: Meeting deadlines


Budgeting: Presenting a budget and seeing it through


Inter-disciplinary work, using a range of advisers


Taking responsibility and making decisions (jointly and individually)


Taking part in an international movement to assist Syrians