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AL_HOL Camp and the collapse of ISIS in Baghouz

 The cover photo from a UNFPA report published 20 March

The report was compiled by UNFPA with contributions from WHO, UNICEF and UNHCR

Some 70, 582 people were in the camp, plus a further 1,500 expected.

Al-Hol Camp Situation Report, 20 March 2019

The humanitarian situation in all the camps in North East Syria is dire, aggravated by atrocious weather

It is now generally accepted that Climate Change / Drought was a strong factor in precipitating the action against the Syrian government in 2011.

It will continue to be an important player.

When the richest countries in the world have such a poor record for protecting the environment, countries beset by conflict have little hope of improvement.

Syria does have a coastline – but no grey seals. The state of Syria’s coastline is probably not a lot better than it’s landmass.

The only ray of hope is that perhaps,like Chernobyl, Syria’s wildlife will have found a way to survive.