About Firefly International

Scottish Charity No: 028744

About Firefly International

Firefly International were formed in response to the Bosnian Conflict and the neglect of children and young people during that conflict.

Firefly International work with children and young people who have been (or are) caught up in conflict in three areas: Bosnia, Palestine and with Syrian refugees in Turkey. They work with local community groups. In the case of Turkey, they employ seven local teachers, male and female.

The classes and activities they provide include paper engineering, simple mechanics, drama, languages (Arabic, English and Turkish) and now a Summer Programme, aimed at teaching basic skills such as numeracy, literacy and cooking.

Only 10% of the 2.9 million Syrian refugees live in the 20 or so government camps. All the other refugees live in towns and cities – where they have a better chance of finding work and fitting in with Turkish life.

Some may have some savings, when they arrive, having sold their houses at knock-down prices. Others have almost nothing. Many are faced with destitution. The UN provides services for about half of those in the camps (5%) of refugees.

Teaching the refugees Turkish is essential, they can then join local schools – some of them have lost 5 years of their education.


There are many delicious fruits in the area, a thriving market and plenty of excellent local restaurants.